Sunday, January 2, 2011

M & S Engagement Pictures {Engagement}

A couple of my good friends are getting married in the Spring.  They asked me to take their engagement pictures, and I was so happy and honored to do so!  Because M is such an avid fisherman and it's something they enjoy doing together, we went out to Oologah Lake early one November morning.  It was so cold, but the sunshine was gorgeous.  I had a lot of fun shooting this cute and funny couple.  S is gorgeous with her silky, flowing hair, and M is a comedian who keeps me laughing all the time.  Just check out a few of the pictures below to see why I was laughing throughout our time together.  We had quite an adventurous day!  I'll never forget the lunch we had together after the session- so funny!  Thanks M & S for and unforgettable time and for allowing me to take these photos of you.  Congratulations on your engagement- I cannot wait for your Big Day as you begin the next exciting chapter in your lives!



  1. I love these pictures, they both look amazing!

  2. I love them all. My favorite is the one where they are holding hands with trees all around them.